My Father’s Business

Do you have a heart for those needing a hand up?  Can you devote 1 or 2 Saturdays a month or time during the week to help?  Come and join the team at My Father’s Business; our food pantry meets the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

  • Pantry Saturdays

    Greeting our clients, checking them in, and helping maintain a comfortable atmosphere to provide a great start to every scheduled panty day.

    Gifts:  Hospitality, Encouragement
    Strengths:  Adaptability, Discipline

  • Pantry Saturdays

    When our clients sign-in we offer the opportunity to meet with them and pray for their needs one-on-one.  We want to show them the love of God in word and action.

    Gifts:  Evangelism, Intercession
    Strengths:  Empathy, Connectedness

  • Annual Orientation/pantry Saturdays

    We want all of our volunteers to be greeted with the information they need, as well as the opportunity to become part of our volunteer family right from the start.  It’s important to provide all they need to know in a fun and informative manner.

    Gifts:  Wisdom, Pastoring
    Strengths:  Communication, Focus

  • Weekdays/pantry Saturdays

    We want the best for our clients and work hard keeping our products organized and shelves filled.  This is a great way to meet people and help others.

    Gifts:  Service, Hospitality
    Strengths:  Achiever, Arranger

  • Weekdays/pantry Saturdays

    We pick up food from Gleaners and other organizations to ensure the freshest and most complete selection possible.  We need help in teams to pick up and deliver these resources, as well as help in unloading it at the pantry.

    Gifts:  Service
    Strengths:  Responsibility

  • Pantry Saturdays

    In addition to our regular pantry schedule, we have opportunities throughout the year to bless our clients with special distributions and events, such as holiday foods, winter warmth, BBQ lunch, etc.  We always need extra hands for these events. 

    Gifts:  Encouragement, Mercy
    Strengths:  Empathy, Includer

Not Sure Where to Volunteer?